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   00188681   Movementnonenew2014-11-24Lose control of character. keeps moving won't stop moving seems to be worst with AI or other player character.
   00190991   Performancenonenew2014-11-24BIG fps drops in towns
   00190764   Generalnonenew2014-11-24Confirmation of changes Session lost
   00191121   Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2014-11-24Script abuse on [RUF] Daylight 24/7 #2 - Fast Loot
   0019113    Soundnonenew2014-11-23sound bug with the stereo panorama
   0019109 1 Itemsnonenew2014-11-23Loot spawning broken - many of same kind of item spawn in the same house/room
   0019111    Multiplayernonenew2014-11-23New 'punch' hacks
   000329238   Itemsnoneassigned (Andy)2014-11-23When dropping loot it sometimes disapears forever
   0000016525 Weaponsnoneassigned (Andy)2014-11-23Weapon attachments become invisible.
   001838216   Itemsnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-11-23[PRIMARY REPORT] Items dropped on ground during usage of another item are not returned into hands properly
   00172599   Weaponsnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-11-23Holding breath no longer steadies the weapon.
   000516966   Structuresnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-11-23Instant Death Glitch (Inside Buildings on 2nd or higher level)
  0000363141   Ingame UInoneacknowledged (JStewart)2014-11-23quick swap 1-9 doesn't work correctly 100% of the time
   0008949392 Servernoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-11-23Servers are bombarding router with UDP packets once the server list is requested causing a DOS
  0000078321   Generalnoneacknowledged (JStewart)2014-11-23Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT]
   001824514   Soundnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-11-23[PRIMARY REPORT] Some gunshots are not heard by other players
   0019110    Charactersnonenew2014-11-23Fire Station Death
   0019108    Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2014-11-23Player using speed punches and teleport on Godspeed Survivors Server
   00190954   Charactersnonenew2014-11-23Character couldnt be loaded and has been reset
   001909621 Movementnonenew2014-11-23Slow sprint
   001910312 Structuresnonenew2014-11-23Tree is placed inside a deer feeding shack (near Nagornoe)
   00191061   Environmentnonenew2014-11-23Two story buildings randomly breaking legs
   0019107    Balancingnonenew2014-11-23Cannot find anything to drink anywhere, fountains not working.
   0019105    Inventorynonenew2014-11-23Issue Reguarding Clothing Inventory - Black Hole of Space Available - Suggestions / other issues
   0019104    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2014-11-23Character appears to keep falling a couple of feet repeatedly.
   001870111 Game crashnoneneed more info (Andy)2014-11-23DayZ Stops working when navigating trough the "Change sever interface"
   00190614   Itemsnonenew2014-11-23Cannot craft splint with normal bandages (only fireplacekit)
   00190711   Balancingnonenew2014-11-23Zero gun policy
   00190731   Feature requestnonenew2014-11-23Freelook in aiming down the sight stance and on ladders
   0019100 2 Performancenonenew2014-11-23Game locks up after a few minutes then very low res graphics to the point of base models
   00190902   Charactersnonenew2014-11-23Character being deleted/resetting randomly upon joining a server.
   0019102    Animationsnonenew2014-11-23Can't use melee weapons when leg is broken
   0019101    Itemsnonenew2014-11-23Heatpacks should be categorized as medical items (and thus be placeable inside First Aid Kits)
   0019094 1 Itemsnonenew2014-11-23Duplicating items in 0.50
   0019097 1 Othernonenew2014-11-23Pathing is shown
   0019098 1 Othernonenew2014-11-23Option to select maps on sever join
   001909311 Game crashnonenew2014-11-23Dayz crashed
   0019089 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2014-11-23Character stuck in pond's sewage at NWAF
   00179403   Feature requestnonenew2014-11-23Add some kind of "rining in the ears" when shooting a weapon in buildings or without a supressor
  0001729364 Environmenttrivialassigned (Kira)2014-11-23displacement of objects
   0019091    AI behaviornonenew2014-11-23Ghost zombies that you can't see or hit but they can hit u
   000693473   Multiplayernonenew2014-11-23[Suggestion] Guilt / Paranoia for murder
   0019088 1 Supportnoneassigned (JStewart)2014-11-23Character failed to Load
   00190773   Controlsnonenew2014-11-23Charachter spawning without the possibility of moving/looking around/open menus
   0019060 1 Generalnonenew2014-11-23.51 weapon ghillie rendering "black"
   0019087    Game crashnonenew2014-11-23Not starting
   0019086 1 Game crashnonenew2014-11-23Game crashes to desktop after a minute of getting in the game.
   0019085    Movementnonenew2014-11-23DayZ should stopturning into a Twitch shooter.
   00190841   Feature requestnonenew2014-11-23Possibly having two saved files
   0019083    Multiplayernonenew2014-11-22Explosive Bait Hack
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