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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0022268 1 Environmentnonenew2015-03-01Hay rolls floating in field
   0022267    Animationsnonenew2015-03-01Suicide only working with guns not with blades. (Also barehand animation does not work)
   00222642   Game crashnonenew2015-03-01Game Crashed. Lost character
   0022265    Supportnoneassigned (JStewart)2015-03-01Player lost when game crashed.
   00222581   Game crashnonenew2015-03-01Random crashes, then character reset
   00222482   Itemsnonenew2015-03-01Fishing Hook turns into Bone Fishing Hook
   0022263 1 Game crashnonenew2015-03-01Random Game Crash - Unable to reproduce happens randomly many times a day
   0022191 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2015-03-01Stuck in 3 Valleys
   00222561   Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2015-03-01Stuck under a house north of Myshinko - [^]
   0022260 1 Generalnonenew2015-03-01Floating loot ( red house )
   00222611   Game crashnonenew2015-03-01Session lost/Confirmation of Changes
   002216412 Game crashnonenew2015-03-01infamous memory game crash
   002037312 Performancenonenew2015-03-01FPS Drop after 10 seconds of Play
   0022259    Itemsnonenew2015-03-01.54 Stable Natural Water Pouches are consumed when filling cookpots from them.
   002220152 Game crashnonenew2015-03-01Application Error : The instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000
   00221901   Generalnonenew2015-03-01Urgent!: Liquid system is broken, messes with stomach. Drinking from Ponds and Wells, aswell as refilable containers...
   0022257    Weaponsnonenew2015-03-01.22 Ammo seems to have the super sonic crack with or without silencers especially the Amphibia S on .54 Stable
   00211509   Itemsnoneacknowledged (Geez)2015-03-01Fish cannot be cooked in campfire\stove
   0022255 3 Game crashnonenew2015-03-01DayZ memory crash
   00221451   Performancenonenew2015-03-01Problem with graphics
   0022254    Feature requestnonenew2015-03-01Potential HUGE and SIMPLE change that will make players very happy
   0022253    Environmentnonenew2015-03-01Falling through railing and onto the roof top of the prison island
   0022251 1 Itemsnonenew2015-03-01Fish Fillet can't be cooked
   0022250 2 Game crashnonenew2015-03-01just some other: Application Error : The instruction at .... referenced memory at ....
   0022252    Itemsnonenew2015-03-01Item duplicate
   002222731 Generalnonenew2015-03-01Random framerate drops and game gets squarish (see screenshots below)
   0022188151 Supportnoneassigned (JStewart)2015-03-01Banned 2x for no reason and battleye said it was a mistake and can't urban me.
   00222342   Multiplayernonenew2015-03-01Can't loot dead bodies, when they slide down a slope
   00222332   Supportnoneassigned (JStewart)2015-03-01Always high ping,.. ALWAYS
   002222135 Game crashnonenew2015-03-010.54 exp crash
   002222821 Itemsnonenew2015-03-01Flare
   00218692   Ingame UInoneneed more info (Geez)2015-03-01Settings menu is messed up after 22.02.15 experimental branch update + cannot change character name (cannot locate where lol)
   00222393   Itemsnonenew2015-03-01Using/refilling water containers
   0022249 1 Structuresnonenew2015-03-01grille texture display
   00220576   Performancenonenew2015-03-01FPS drop after 5-10 mins play, suggested fixes do not work.
   0022247    Multiplayernonenew2015-03-01Large increase in player position lag since .54
   0022245 1 Game crashnonenew2015-02-28Application Error : The instruction at 0x004a1f2d referenced memory at 0x9d9d7519. The memory could not be read.
   002223271 Itemsnonenew2015-02-28Holding a weapon in hand at the well causes a strange message
   00222421   Servernonenew2015-02-28Presistence Not Working
   0022243    Servernonenew2015-02-28Character Reset When Joining The Server
   0022241 1 Game crashnonenew2015-02-28Random crash to desktop
   0022213    Game freezesnonenew2015-02-28game freezes for infinite when i click on something in the server tab making it un-playable
   002159451 Itemsnoneneed more info (Geez)2015-02-28Fireplaces and furnaces can be invisible
   0022240 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2015-02-28Stuck under floor in green small house in Vavilovo
  0000363144   Ingame UInoneacknowledged (JStewart)2015-02-28quick swap 1-9 doesn't work correctly 100% of the time
   0022206 1 Game crashnonenew2015-02-28.54 Stable Crash To Desktop: Guard Page Exception Log Files Included
   00222023   Ingame UInonenew2015-02-28DayZ Main Menu is glitched
   0022198    Game crashnonenew2015-02-28Game crashes at random. Just before it happens FPS drops almost to nothing.
   002192421 Hardware issuesnoneneed more info (JStewart)2015-02-28DayZ uses 100% of Disk space upon startup, takes a long time to start-up.
   00222303   Performancenonenew2015-02-28After playing the game for 5 minutes, game spike lags and i get 1fps.
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