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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusReporterUpdatedSummary
   00249691   EnvironmentnonenewDarcion2015-05-29on the new swamps in berenzino the reflecting sun is flickering
   00249682   Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)Darcion2015-05-29new water pond between svetlo and novo? no water sound
   00247932   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)Darcion2015-05-29weapon disappeared after took it into hands 0.56 experimental
   0024999 1 Game settingsnoneassigned (JStewart)Pyroim2015-05-29Using multiSeatSoftware causes fileBlocks
   002490121 Error messagenoneacknowledged (Geez)MouricetheHero2015-05-29Error Message
   00249893   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)UltraMutt2015-05-29weapon auto reloads with no actual ammo.
   00249962   Soundnoneacknowledged (Geez)wasnu2015-05-29weapon reload sound while loggin in
   002470222 Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)platsch2015-05-29Bush inside a house north of Polesovo
   00249942   Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)Darcion2015-05-29flying rock between Kamensk, Krasnoe and Stary Yar in the long rock formation
   00245982   Glitch abusenonenewColonelBurton2015-05-29Some items still expand inventory space
   00249834   Itemsnonenewphotogenickiwi2015-05-29Still cant find any loot in villages/towns
   00229404   Soundnoneresolved (Geez)Einstein692015-05-29New zombies make no sound
   002491131 Error messagenoneresolved (Geez)SoulJCL2015-05-29Confirmation of Changes error message
   002456551 Itemsnoneresolved (Geez)winggundam12015-05-29bones in hand
   002499111 Error messagenoneassigned (Geez)OnionOfShame2015-05-29Cannot run DayZ (error message)
   00181625   Itemsnoneacknowledged (Geez)mist3r2015-05-29[PRIMARY REPORT] Not possible to take things off a dead body
   00215372   Structuresnoneacknowledged (Andy)zimtente2015-05-29Mailbox in Gorka floating in doorway (again?)
   002492133 Game crashnoneneed more info (Geez)wordsongoku2015-05-29Memory crash on Experimental 0.57
   002287821 Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)viqs2015-05-29Deer stand inside rocks
   002491611 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)cs_wolf2015-05-29Dayz Crash-Experimental 0.57
   002490621 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)vigilvindex2015-05-290.57 Application error upon closing game. The instruction at 0000000000 referenced memory at 0000000000.
   0024982 1 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)saintsbows2015-05-290.57.127956 Exp crashing to desktop.
   002493331 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)blackwiddow202015-05-290.57 EXPERIMENTAL Game Crash
   002499311 Itemsnonenewwilbur992015-05-29Cannot pick up matches
   0024990    Itemsnonenewbarnabus19622015-05-29Server DAYZ SNG 0-2 (Experimental/Unstable)
   00249844   Generalnonenewjoma1262015-05-28.57 EXP Nearly 4000 Hrs and getting fed up !!
   0024986    Movementnonenewmoeb1us2015-05-28The character continues to move in a specific direction although button is not pressed anymore
   00249813   Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)TheMightyLC2015-05-28Stuck in Rubble Pile - ISSUE 0024977 NOT RESOLVED
   00249742   Player stucknoneneed more info (JStewart)udyr2015-05-28Logged out of a small green building, logged back in later to be stuck under the building.
   002497731 Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)TheMightyLC2015-05-28Stuck in Rubble Pile
   002495321 Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)mater362015-05-28Telephone pole inside of new school building in elektro
   00249311   Glitch abusenonenewjoma1262015-05-28still some duping
   00239471   Feature requestnonenewAleshanee2015-05-28Persistance for the rabbit trap and the garden plots
   00249172   Itemsnoneassigned (Geez)AnAnalChemist2015-05-28No tripwire in inventory after crafting improvised trip wire
   002495221 Game crashnoneneed more info (Geez)super_sebi2015-05-28Crash when opening twin1 door in Berezino
   00234895   Inventorynoneresolved (Geez)Penta2015-05-28Item in Plate Carrier with Pouches and Gun Holster disapears while switching it with another item.
   002497311 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)viqs2015-05-280.57 Memory crash
   00249702   Structuresnoneacknowledged (Geez)Darcion2015-05-28missplayced builing in new berenzino
   00249192   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)AnAnalChemist2015-05-28Dragging melee item onto a hatchet while in hands will allow them to swap, hatchet will become invisible until relog
   00249642   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)cragus20042015-05-28Tent Items vanish
   00247844   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)emuthreat2015-05-28Items disappear when interacted with, while having full inventory.
   002495441 Game crashnoneneed more info (Geez)Aristotole2015-05-28Error message "The memory could not be read."
   002495921 Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)chillstoner2015-05-28Standing on rock outside entrance to mine north of Solnichniy causes player to get stuck
   002443371 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)NinjahMeh2015-05-280.56 memory error
   00248703   Error messagenoneresolved (JStewart)Meretan2015-05-28Everytime i log in on a server i get an "Authentication Timeout" Error.
   00235324   Charactersnoneacknowledged (Geez)Baranock2015-05-28Character stands up to eat
   002493921 Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)The_Kaindl_AT2015-05-28Toploniki park bench infront of garage
   00249572   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)chillstoner2015-05-28Items take from inventory while unconscious can be accessed via hotbar
   00245392   Itemsnoneassigned (Geez)cs_wolf2015-05-28Chicken Breast
   0024089    Itemsnonenewcs_wolf2015-05-28When using alchool tincture on multiple rags combined, it goes to 0%
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