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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusReporterUpdatedSummary
   002605221 Itemsnoneacknowledged (Geez)ragnister2015-07-03Books unreadable & wrong description (-newUI)
   00260264   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)Todesklinge2015-07-03I got rid of this, could you please fix it or refund my money back?
   00260512   Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)BluesAdam2015-07-03Game crashes if I double-click an item to put into hands
   002424341 Balancingnoneresolved (Geez)Darcion2015-07-03ak drum 72kg?
   00260691   Player stucknoneneed more info (JStewart)phatboy882015-07-03character still stuck after you have reset
   002606362 Charactersnoneneed more info (JStewart)pier2015-07-03Before you help me to deal with the card into the card foundation inside the
   00260571   Structuresnoneassigned (Geez)0Tek2015-07-03Fell through floor in guard tower
   002601221 Error messagenoneresolved (Geez)El Tea Couch2015-07-03Cannot load material file
   002604611 Error messagenoneassigned (Geez)spence2015-07-03Error on exit
   0026043    Generalnoneassigned (Geez)Spanky222015-07-03Other player seeing Me standing and walking, but I was lying and crawling
   00235325   Charactersnoneacknowledged (Geez)Baranock2015-07-03Character stands up to eat
   002604221 Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)HaseDesTodes2015-07-03Otmel island mostly underwater
   0026070    Feature requestnonenew_M4Z_TeR_2015-07-030.58 - Add a notification saying that "I tried running the V3S, but it is missing a battery, plugs and fuel" if they are missing
   00260207   Error messagenoneresolved (JStewart)mccomase2015-07-03Kicked off servers session lost
   002603721 Structuresnoneacknowledged (Geez)TheLuszek2015-07-03[MAP] Container in forest behind Elektrozavodsk
   00260603   AI behaviornoneneed more info (JStewart)CiscoKid4802015-07-03Stuck in the ground Again by hacker
   0026068    InventorynonenewHaseDesTodes2015-07-03Vehicle inventory is non-persistant
   00252042   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)Ratadus2015-07-03Cannot hold/use items in hands
   00260332   Servernoneacknowledged (Geez)_M4Z_TeR_2015-07-030.58 - Waiting for host takes forever
   00259864   Ingame UInoneacknowledged (Geez)Safety132015-07-03Impossible to restart your character with the new ui
   00260282   Ingame UInoneacknowledged (Geez)NewOutlaw2015-07-03One is not able to run while checking the inventory anymore
   00260182   Settingsnoneacknowledged (Geez)Nilwick2015-07-03V-Sync in settings is misspelled as "V-Synch"
   00248922   Movementnoneacknowledged (Geez)wordsongoku2015-07-03Stuck when raising weapon (to aim) while running
   0026016 3 Environmentnoneassigned (Geez)gh0st op2015-07-03[EXP] Human Steak Graphic Glitch
   00260142   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)El Tea Couch2015-07-03Cannot access V3S inventory with new inventory UI
   0026067    Environmentnonenewwasnu2015-07-03snare trap do not catch rabbits
   0026066    Ingame UInonenewRudi2015-07-03You can (barely) see world around you while being unconscious while being in ESC menu.
   00260055   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)Rrraaayyy2015-07-03Clothing items not updating condition after mending with sewing kit.
   0026065 1 GeneralnonenewArtalus2015-07-03Torch lacks the rags "head" and fire effect
   0026064    ItemsnonenewTandwan2015-07-03Cooking not working on gas stove
   0026062    ItemsnonenewArtalus2015-07-03Fireplace disappears when put into a hearth
   00260582   Player stucknoneneed more info (JStewart)RobDiesel2015-07-03Stuck sinking in pond
   002601582 Charactersnoneresolved (JStewart)pier2015-07-03I stuck in the sea can not move, the update to the present, 1 days, good depressed.
   0026061 1 Performancenonenewelymuff2015-07-03Heavy Load on CPU
   00260112   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)El Tea Couch2015-07-03Sharpen all sticks not working with new inventory UI in 0.58
   0026044 1 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)MouricetheHero2015-07-03DayZ (-newUI) Inventory Crash
   002601711 Error messagenoneassigned (Geez)MrDoxies2015-07-030.58 -newui launch option causes crash
   0026059 1 ItemsnonenewEl Tea Couch2015-07-03Cannot remove used gas canister from lamp
   0026056    Ingame UInonenewlaegen2015-07-03Item hotbar does not display or function (-newui)
   0026055    Ingame UInonenewlaegen2015-07-03Items with variable quantities do not display their stored quantity (-newui)
   0026054    Ingame UInonenewlaegen2015-07-03Action menu highlight does not track cursor mouse over (-newui)
   0026053    Ingame UInonenewlaegen2015-07-03Items cannot be swapped (-newui)
   002597043 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)K_cutt082015-07-03Alt+Tab causing crash when I resume DayZ, other times as well
   002597242 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)AlphaPlus2015-07-03Random crashes. Had this issue before, didn't play for some time, still have it now.
   0026050    Ingame UInonenewBluesAdam2015-07-02Can not search for feathers in chicken coops.
   00256231   EnvironmentnonenewPoppadawg22015-07-02the rock formations change shaped flicker from a distance
   0026049    WeaponsnonenewDirz2015-07-02Losing primary weapon.
   00260452   Othernonenewspence2015-07-02unpleasant changes of brightnes during gameplay
   0026048    InventorynonenewNiksdaed2015-07-02I'm hot
   002600453 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)BleedoutBill2015-07-02Crash to desktop, while organizing inventory.
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