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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusReporterUpdatedSummary
   0023295    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)Kishign2015-04-02Got stuck inside a rock with broken legs
   0023297    AI behaviornonenewsoux2015-04-02[.55] Soundless Zombie Aggro + Truck behaviour
   0023296    ItemsnonenewDdawg7472015-04-02Lack of food on coast
   00232602   Game freezesnonenewTheOrdinaryGuy2015-04-02As of 0.55 I cannot move at all. If I try to move my character my game freezes and soon crash.
   0023294    Game crashnonenewSMX872015-04-02Crash on startup on latest build
   0023293    AI behaviornonenewGanit2015-04-02Zombies gather on trucks rather than attack players.
   0023292    Game freezesnonenewramygk_102015-04-02BattleEye Block
   002326210   OthernonenewTheDomaz2015-04-020.55 Version Sucks Ass Becouse Of Zombies. You Motherfuckers.
   0023291    AI behaviornonenewOmega2015-04-02Zombies are duplicating
   00232673   Animationsnonenewcs_wolf2015-04-02Vaulting causes player to crouch then do the animation
   00232586   WeaponsnonenewHaveLock2015-04-020.55 Update - Lost 75 round Drum Mag
  0000077956 Structuresmajorassigned (dhall)lmberjack2015-04-02Zeds clipping through objects [PRIMARY REPORT]
   0023290    GeneralnonenewRene2015-04-02Water pond sickness took 3 hours
   00232822   Generalnonenewthe yog man2015-04-02Items disappearing when dropped and tents instantly disappearing when set up
   0023289    ItemsnonenewTheGreatKenoby2015-04-02Tent disappears into thin air!
   002327022 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)gooner10102015-04-02stuck and wont/cant die 0.55 could select it above
   0023288    AI behaviornonenewColonelBurton2015-04-02Zombie movement looks awry
   0023287    Game freezesnonenewpsicopat2015-04-02every keyboard and mouse click game freezes (FPS drop to zero)
   00232784   PerformancenonenewThe_Joss1232015-04-02Massive frame stuttering stable .55
   0023285    AI behaviornonenewLow-Key2015-04-02Zombies appearing out of no wear
   00232664   ItemsnonenewBrian842015-04-02Tents disappear after a while and once after a restart
   00231665   Ingame UInonenewVeyda2015-04-02Player name revealed when performing 'Check Pulse' action.
   00232802   ItemsnonenewPrivate2015-04-02Tents disappear after a while and once after a restart
   00232751   InventorynonenewRageRoB2015-04-02AK Drum Magazines Disappeared
   00227876   Performancenoneacknowledged (Geez)Cedrico852015-04-02[Primary Report] - Passenger sees movement of V3S desynced
   0023281    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)MrSmuffles2015-04-02Player stuck inside a rock on a private 0.55 server.
   00211522   Servernonenewcs_wolf2015-04-02Doors are not synced for players and zombies
   00230482   Soundnonenewtylerdurden2015-04-02shots fired without sound
   00199859   Soundnoneneed more info (Andy)cs_wolf2015-04-02Reports of gunshot sound bug is still present but is a "sometimes happens" case
   0023279    Itemsnonenewdix_xib2015-04-02Food not doing anything (7 cans, still hungry)
   000024723812 Performancenoneassigned (Andy)boomit42015-04-02Massive FPS drop when looking into city.
   0023276    ItemsnonenewRageRoB2015-04-02Items overall rare
   0023277    AnimationsnonenewRageRoB2015-04-02Crafting Stoneknife often does not work
   00232573   ItemsnonenewSniperchief2015-04-012 M4's and tent went missing
   002323221 Weaponsnoneresolved (Geez)HugoStiglitz2015-04-01Blaze Snap Loader no longer supports Blaze ammo
   0023274    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)dermonkey2015-04-01I'm stuck under a house after my internet connection had a sudden disconnect
   0023273    AI behaviornonenewequeone2015-04-01Zombies are totally op now + they have no aggro sound.
   002322721 Player stucknoneneed more info (JStewart)Dipricyn2015-04-01Character gets stuck beyond house if logging in in special corner
   0023272    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)ph4n70m2015-04-01Character unable to reloaded
   0023271    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)eraaa4252015-04-01Character unable to be loaded !
   0023180    Balancingnonenewcs_wolf2015-04-01Weight
   00202593   Environmentnonenewcs_wolf2015-04-01Black screen when looking at fire
   00192252   Othernonenewcs_wolf2015-04-01FOV should only be adjusted in main menu and not possible when in server
   0023269    Inventorynonenewcarrickj2015-04-01AK Drum Mags Disappeared From Inventory
   0023268    ServernonenewKahoko2015-04-01Server restart with persistence toggled to fix loot.
   002324574 Error messagenoneassigned (Geez)Klainer2015-04-01Dayz Doesn't Launch
   0023265    Glitch abusenonenewCodro2015-04-01Spawn bug/glitch
   0023264    ItemsnonenewBytor2015-04-01Inconsistent persistence
   00232592   ServernonenewNBPone2015-04-01unable to deactive persistance
   0023263    Error messagenonenewStormy2015-04-01[INFO] Blocked loading of file: "E:\Program Files\Steam\IPHLPAPI.dll"
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