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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0018294    Othernonenew2014-10-25Graphic crash
   0018293    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Items stuck in floors and surfaces in large apartment buildings.
   0018292    Game crashnonenew2014-10-25Game Crash in .50 in Large Apartments
   00157892   Animationsnonenew2014-10-25Blurred screen everytime I login
   00182882   Feature requestnonenew2014-10-25stash box to replace current tent functionality: item persistence how it should be.
   00043035   Environmentnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-10-25Elevator shafts get you stuck in Dubky
   0018291    Movementnonenew2014-10-25Ingame message: My leg is at pain / My leg hurts - though no impact on gameplay
   0018290 1 Generalnonenew2014-10-25Ground does not render; other objects disappear as you move closer to them.
   0018289    Othernonenew2014-10-25Hacker/hackers clan
   0018287    Inventorynonenew2014-10-25Grass wrap
   00162964   Servernonenew2014-10-25Character Reset after server restart
   00182842   Charactersnonenew2014-10-25Character wipe after rejoining a reset server
   0018286 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2014-10-25Immortal, invincible, invisible, and immobile.
   00182821   Animationsnonenew2014-10-25Tent doors open and closing broken
   0018285    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Gorka E Millitary Helmet - Taking Damage
   0018283    Charactersnonenew2014-10-25broken leg suddenly when standing
   00182454   Soundnonenew2014-10-25[0.49] Unable to hear some gunshots
   0018281    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Thrown items do not behave as intended
   0018272 2 Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Fishing Rod and Improvised Bow texture missing.
   00182712   Generalnonenew2014-10-25Game causes intense motion sickness
   0018280    Charactersnonenew2014-10-25Character deletion for ping being too high
   0018279    Structuresnonenew2014-10-25Relogging inside a building basement
   0018278    Structuresnonenew2014-10-25Tower Blocks Top Floor Trap
   0018277    Soundnonenew2014-10-25No sounds on actions sometimes
   0018276    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Telescopic Baton Dropping Bug
   0018275    AI behaviornonenew2014-10-25Zombie AI gets stuck attacking walls or even thin air
   0018274    Soundnonenew2014-10-25Glitching sounds
   00182731   Generalnonenew2014-10-25Pressing 'Check the Bait' provides no message every few attempts.
   00170131043 Generalnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-10-25[PRIMARY REPORT] 0.49/0.50 Performance and graphics issues
   001421263 Game crashnoneneed more info (Andy)2014-10-25Game randomly freezes and crashes
   00128683   Charactersnonenew2014-10-25Female Characters start to look like Male charaters
   0018270    Weaponsnonenew2014-10-25AKM ate my 30Rnd Magazine
   001307411 Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Thin and wide frame glasses not properly aligned on medium female characters.
   0018269 1 Performancenonenew2014-10-25Exp.50 - Often the Textures load only if you are very near
   001821013 Environmentnonenew2014-10-25Buildings And sheds and fences all intersect.
   0018268    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Fire starting kit LOCKED in inventory
   0018267    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25ALL item spawns are messed up on Experimental Branch
   0018266    Servernonenew2014-10-25Friends and I started looting a cabin up to prepare for basebuilding/barricading and items then disappear.
   0018257    Charactersnonenew2014-10-25Character stuck under building, cannot get out.
   00182632   Animationsnonenew2014-10-25Pitchfork 'raised' animation and pose are misleading.(continued)
   0018265    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25balaclavas clip into beanie hats, raider hats and many more hats
   0018264    Itemsnonenew2014-10-25Thin and thick framed glasses look terrible!
   00182492   Inventorynonenew2014-10-25[suggestion] It is about inventory, its space and clothing.
   00180913   Movementnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-10-25Abnormal arm movement when running around with item in hand
   00174651   Performancenonenew2014-10-25Random Freezes, when Spawning, getting hit by zombies, by standing still and Running.
   0018261    Balancingnonenew2014-10-25Firing Akm at player and missing. Hitting the wall around the door
   0018260    Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2014-10-25player was able to get my stuff of of me through floor at a jail house then used my won grenade to kill me and my buddies
   0018258    Servernonenew2014-10-25Server is restarting within 25-35 minutes of gameplay
   00176853   Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2014-10-25Hacker who can strip You off everything.
   0018255 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2014-10-24Stuck inside school/office
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