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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000363120   Ingame UInonenew2014-07-24quick swap 1-9 doesn't work correctly 100% of the time
   001221961 Weaponsnoneacknowledged (Accolyte)2014-07-24Shotgun Firing Single Pellet
   0014463171 Game crashnonereviewed (JStewart)2014-07-24Refund for DayZ (VALID REASON)
   0014527    Supportnoneassigned (JStewart)2014-07-24[suggestion] consider an overhaul of "Hardcore" and "Regular" servers
   000157149   Weaponsnoneacknowledged (JStewart)2014-07-24Increasing FOV reduces effectiveness of weapon scope's zooming capabilities
   001185012 Error messagenonenew2014-07-24No-name material file fails to load
   0014526 1 Environmentnonenew2014-07-24wet floor inside a house
   001451371 Game crashnonenew2014-07-24game crashes radom of 5-15 min
   00144936   Game crashnoneneed more info2014-07-24Game crahes nearly everytime
   00136592   Itemsnonenew2014-07-24Walkie Talkies broken.
   00144962   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-07-24stuck in Green and white bulding at north east
   00145022   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-07-24Player stuck in building
   0014524    Weaponsnonenew2014-07-24FNX45 randomly killed me and its magazine broke my legs while picking it up.
   00135291   Error messagenonenew2014-07-24Error messages when trying to log into DayZ
   00144802   AI behaviornonenew2014-07-24Hitboxes on Zeds and autospawn zeds
   00137715   Movementnonereviewed (Accolyte)2014-07-24Bug Exploit to Always Sprint - On Any Hill or Stairs
   00145192   Weaponsnonenew2014-07-24Can't find the AKM in 0.46 version
   00144897   Itemsnonenew2014-07-24.45 and 5.56 ammo not spawning
   00100226   Itemsnoneacknowledged (Accolyte)2014-07-24Unlimited clips
   00008527   Structuresnonenew2014-07-24Going up ladder randomly breaks legs
   00145221   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-07-24stuck in house.
   00144973   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-07-24Character Stuck
   0014500 1 Weaponsnonenew2014-07-24Zooming and scope not working
   0013640 1 Weaponsnonenew2014-07-24AKM 75rnd magazine
   00138813   Weaponsnonenew2014-07-2475er AKM Magazine alot of bugs
   0014503    Weaponsnonenew2014-07-24Random melee attacks even with firearms
   00145211   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-07-24Stuck under a house
   00145143   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-07-24I am stuck under a apartment and cant get out.
   0014506 1 Itemsnonenew2014-07-24Gas mask clips through boonie hats (see screenshot)
   000054712   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Accolyte)2014-07-24Reloading without inventory space destroys clip/magazine
   00139276   Weaponsnonenew2014-07-24helicopter crash sites not respawning after 0.46 update
   001451811 Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-07-24stuck in a wall
   00144232   Controlsnonefeedback (Accolyte)2014-07-24Configuration changes not saving properly in game
   00145091   Environmentnonenew2014-07-24Often one can still hear the ocean when deep in the countryside (i.e. NW Airfield)
   001344115   Controlsnonereviewed (Accolyte)2014-07-24(EXPERIMENTAL) Melee not working correctly now.
   00143123   Performancenonenew2014-07-24Can't play DayZ above 30 FPS
   00145111   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-07-24stuck
   00144981   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-07-24Stuck in wall. (Fixed)
   00144723   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-07-24[Hardcore] Stuck in an Apartment
   00144373   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-07-24Stuck under da sea
   000013515   Environmentnoneresolved2014-07-24Go prone inside a sewer(swamp pipe) makes you bug and get stuck
   00139864   Itemsnonenew2014-07-24A dropped item appears in the correct position but in an identical room nearby
   00136294   Glitch abusenonereviewed (Accolyte)2014-07-24Throwing splint crashes servers.
   00145102   Weaponsnonenew2014-07-24Long Range Scope despawns on SKS
   000926751 Animationsnoneacknowledged (Accolyte)2014-07-24Skiping berry picking animation.
   001389311 Weaponsnoneacknowledged (Accolyte)2014-07-24Holdin' a gun like an axe animation glitch
   00144132   Soundnoneacknowledged (Accolyte)2014-07-24Crossbow Dry Fire Noise Is Server Wide
   0014508    Controlsnonenew2014-07-24Character stops running when equiping item/weapon into hands
   001450133 Game crashnonenew2014-07-24Random crashing randomly while playing
   001396431 Itemsnonenew2014-07-24Wooden floor canvas tents no longer spawn items
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