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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00163362   Inventorynonenew2014-08-29Bacpack Inception
   001633811 Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29Stucked under the prefab (house).
   001398113   Animationsnonenew2014-08-29[critical] Take weapon animation loop of other players
   00163353   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29stuck in building
   00163161   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck under a building
   00162703   Game crashnonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29Game continuously crashes after I try joining any server.
   001579171 Charactersnoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Unable to load game
   00162089   Weaponsnonenew2014-08-29[SUGGESTION] 7 Major Improvements for the **IMPROVISED BOW** (Quiver, Arrow Stack Limit, Range) *6 SUPPORTERS*
   001605353 Game crashnoneassigned (Kira)2014-08-29Game will not Launch
   00163333   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Apartment building STUCK
   00163214   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck under building / inside not accessible room after server reconnect
   0016334    Servernonenew2014-08-29Can't join any servers. "Confirmation of Changes" "Session Lost"
   00163281   Controlsnonenew2014-08-29(Experimental) Exploit: Drying Clothes While Holding Items
   00163311   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29Character Stuck Under House
   00163291   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29stuck under scafoldoing
   00163221   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck underneath apartment building
   00162944   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck under the house
   00163102   Generalnonenew2014-08-29[Critical] 0.49 Experimental Hunger/Starving to death within mintues of spawning.
   00163131   Charactersnoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Cannot join any games.
   001630811 Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck within foundation of a building, below a house
   00163031   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29stuck in apartment building
   00163021   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck on every server
   00163001   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29 Stuck Under Apartment Building
   00162991   Player stucknonereviewed (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck after server join.
   00162971   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck in a bulding
   001629111 Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck in Mountain
   001631421 Itemsnonenew2014-08-29Large amount of loot spawns and respawns in one area.
   00162723   Movementnoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck on the bottom of two story house
   000182611 Structuresnonenew2014-08-29Unreachable items on top of a booth near a supermarket in Zelenogorsk
   001586511   Animationsnonenew2014-08-29Character lay down after drinking
   0016332    Generalnonenew2014-08-29Character can traverse walls if hit by a zombie's blows
   00163151   Generalnonenew2014-08-29What's up with the extremely fast starvation?
   0016330    Ingame UInonenew2014-08-29excessive HDR dimming while holding white cow hide in hands on sunny day.
   00163174   Charactersnonenew2014-08-29Character overheats very quickly in new experimental update
   001608511 Error messagenonefeedback (Kira)2014-08-29Cannot launch game
   0015999    Performancenonenew2014-08-29Dayz will not launch.
   0015516 1 Performancenonenew2014-08-29when I launch the game it crashes error here it is
   0016327 1 Charactersnonenew2014-08-29(Experimental) Spelling error: "You've squezed some water out of your clothes"
   0016326    AI behaviornonenew2014-08-29experimental .49 server taking control of character
   0016323    Animationsnonenew2014-08-29Primitive animation climbing the stairs
   0016320    Inventorynonenew2014-08-29(Experimental) Clothes mended by sewing kit not looking fixed in inventory
   0016319    Animationsnonenew2014-08-29(Experimental) Character model constantly moving mouth
   0016318    Environmentnonenew2014-08-29Died after jump from stairs
   00151851   Charactersnonenew2014-08-29Character Frozen
   00163121   AI behaviornonenew2014-08-29[Experimental 0.49] invisible zombies.
   00163071   Itemsnonenew2014-08-29Chemlights Don't Work
   00161313   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)2014-08-29Stuck Under Apartment Building
   0016311    Controlsnonenew2014-08-29Cursor disappears after Alt+Tabbing or using Steam overlay
   00163011   AI behaviornonenew2014-08-29Zombies Overpowered With Epic Sensing From 30 Miles Away Powers
   00160283   Weaponsnonenew2014-08-29[SUGGESTION] Medium-Long range Scopes should be in 3D like ArmA III
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