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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusReporterUpdatedSummary
   00243034   Generalnonenewmorphine2015-05-07Dayz Standalone project risk failure
   0024323    AI behaviornonenewapp08152015-05-07Animal AI fail
   0024322    ServernonenewSodom2015-05-07Cant see Centrale loot economy server
   0024321    Glitch abusenonenewshirleehee2015-05-07Combining rags goes to quality of other bandages
   0024319    ItemsnonenewReKoNe2015-05-07Infinite rags with 2 rags
   0024317 1 Environmentnonenewshirleehee2015-05-07V3S can get stuck on the underside of trees
   0024318 1 Movementnonenewshirleehee2015-05-06V3S can drive just fine without the either front two wheels
   0024316    AI behaviornonenewDak692015-05-06invisible zombie
   0024315    Glitch abusenonenewshirleehee2015-05-06Fountains can still be spammed to get hyrdrated
   0024314    Movementnonenewello2015-05-06drink / eat / dropping item
   002235511 Glitch abusenonenewSherlock Homeless2015-05-06Duping by v3 truck
   0024313    AnimationsnonenewArkayou2015-05-06Setting up traps causes a lighting a fireplace animation
   00243061   WeaponsnonenewNBPone2015-05-06Bow and arrow & crossbow aiming not working
   0024311    ItemsnonenewSpanky222015-05-06Canteen VS Water Bottle - Incorrect water amounts
   0024312    InventorynonenewSpanky222015-05-06Plate Carrier & Pouches - adding Holster, items vanish
   0024310    AI behaviornonenewXylolixus2015-05-06Zombies agro wrong player based on distance.
   0024309    AI behaviornonenewbogulez2015-05-06Zombies dont see me through chain link fences.
   00243021   CharactersnonenewSAMURAJ6962015-05-06My hand look weard when I take land mine in hands.
   0024308    Itemsnonenewaffenb3rt2015-05-06Bandage gets to 100% when crafting fireplacekit
   0024307    MovementnonenewHookachooga2015-05-06Crouching after vaulting
   0008589577 Multiplayernoneassigned (JStewart)Anon132015-05-06Wallhacker, Teleporter or just : Cheater! ( STOP this kiddies ! )
   0024305    GeneralnonenewRobert Neville2015-05-06Almost-invincible zombies
   00226353   Itemsnoneresolved (Geez)m3rishor2015-05-06Chemlight can be used to ignite fireplace
   00242962   Glitch abusenoneassigned (Geez)Paradox892015-05-068Rnd P1 Magazine duplicate glitch
   00188512   Glitch abusenoneacknowledged (Andy)Hassfried2015-05-06[Version: 0.50.125369] Able to walk beneth watersurface of Topolka Dam
   00240555   Itemsnoneresolved (Geez)itscardi2015-05-06Chemlight equips like a flashlight.
   00232246   Structuresnoneacknowledged (Geez)JustCaused2015-05-06Looking down in 1st Person in building makes building disappear
   002429151 Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)Jackko2015-05-06Spawned out on cliff side Logged in, inside cliff now stuck
   00180327   AI behaviornoneacknowledged (Geez)moeb1us2015-05-06Zombies run through doors that are locked with the lockpick
   00228854   Ingame UInoneresolved (Geez)Gews2015-05-06Crosshair disappears, tracks weapon sway [0.55.126981]
   000513415   OthernonenewSpank n Uranus2015-05-06Death without an apparent cause
   001943322   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)Sinical2015-05-06Cannot scroll military tent inventory.
   0024298 1 Itemsnoneassigned (Geez)Stephen Harper2015-05-06Stars scaled incorrectly at night while using binoculars
   002428511 Feature requestnonenewequeone2015-05-06Automatic rainwater collecting mechanism for bases..
   000024724912 Performancenoneassigned (Andy)boomit42015-05-06Massive FPS drop when looking into city.
   0024301    Charactersnonenewgrizzlywinter2015-05-06Player loss after Player disconnect while passenger in VS3 while moving.
   0024300 1 ItemsnonenewStephen Harper2015-05-06Smaller FOV while using binoculars
   0024299    Feature requestnonenewStephen Harper2015-05-06Control/Interaction - Ability to lie on your back
   0024297    WeaponsnonenewTerminal Illness2015-05-06Reloading icon for IZH-43 shotgun pellet snaploader appears when weapon is loaded
   002407634 ItemsnonenewColdAtrophy2015-05-06Hundreds of Items in One Barn
   0024173    Inventorynoneassigned (Geez)ColdAtrophy2015-05-06Gas Container Disappears
   00134334   Othernoneacknowledged (Andy)Calibre2015-05-06Preparing Fish with a pristine combat knife - fish vanishes
   00240312   Itemsnonenewperki1042015-05-06Stone Knife Does Not Fillet Fish
   002038024   Servernoneacknowledged (Andy)Paper262015-05-06We need some BASIC Server-Logs to find hackers !
   00242803   MultiplayernonenewNBPone2015-05-05hacker use a protection-bubble on him
   00242931   Othernonenewcs_wolf2015-05-05Swimming at night
   002246541 Environmentnoneresolved (Geez)Zyryanoff2015-05-05[Primary Report] - Tree Collisions Obstructing Path Of V3S
   002327330   AI behaviornoneacknowledged (Geez)equeone2015-05-05Zombies are totally op now + they have no aggro sound.
   00234895   Inventorynoneresolved (Geez)Penta2015-05-05Item in Plate Carrier with Pouches and Gun Holster disapears while switching it with another item.
   00234434   Inventorynoneresolved (Geez)rhesusmonkeydave2015-05-05Adding holster to platecarrier+pouches removed inventory of vest
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