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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusReporterUpdatedSummary
   0026666 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)DivineLogic2015-07-29Got stuck under the two level green house.
   002648541 AI behaviornoneresolved (Geez)sodobeni2015-07-29[EXP version from 21.07] Deer are grouped and frozen in same position.
   002659621 Structuresnoneacknowledged (Geez)Setup2015-07-29Pipes in the new buildings (Chernaya Poljana) and more
   002608321 Itemsnoneacknowledged (Geez)profquatermass2015-07-29Open cans embed in floor
   002653041 Itemsnoneresolved (Geez)Synthd3ath2015-07-29Items in the sky.
   0026665    Itemsnonenewriktrik2015-07-29Battery doesnt spawn
   0026664    Performancenonenewriktrik2015-07-29Huge delays in performing actions
   0026663    Servernonenewriktrik2015-07-29Rubber banding
   0026595 1 ItemsnonenewSetup2015-07-29Using more than 2 stacks of plant material to create fertilizer with guts results in a "There is not enough water" message.
   00262083   Itemsnoneassigned (Geez)Flimflamm2015-07-29.58 Barrel functionality bugs
   0026662    Controlsnonenewriktrik2015-07-29Jumping over obstacles
   00264333   Inventorynoneacknowledged (Geez)Darcion2015-07-29installation of car battery isnt possible when car has items in the top of inventory
   0026661    Performancenonenewriktrik2015-07-29Huge FPS drops in towns
   0026660    Performancenonenewriktrik2015-07-29Server issues
   0026659    Itemsnonenewriktrik2015-07-29Dropping some items causes them to disappear completely
   0026658    Environmentnonenewriktrik2015-07-29Items still appear in environment, even tho another player has picked them up
   0026657    Weaponsnonenewriktrik2015-07-29Giving weapon to player prevents use of sights
   0026593    OthernonenewSetup2015-07-29Tanning cow pelt in barrel makes fertilizer and cow pelt dissapear.
   00264593   Animationsnoneresolved (Geez)Darcion2015-07-29truck battery holding in hand has wrong animation
   00266542   Itemsnonenewmilehigh2015-07-29He puts the water in the pot.
   00266233   ItemsnonenewDarcion2015-07-29flying objects over deer stands and towers 0.58
   002650072 Game crashnoneacknowledged (Geez)abasees2015-07-29Memory Related Crash
   00266501   Itemsnonenewgermanpostrigan2015-07-29Fireplaces disappear when on the ground
   00266561   ServernonenewMark Hollis2015-07-29M4s are currently not spawning in helicopters
   00266161   ItemsnonenewMark Hollis2015-07-29The m4 does not spawn!
   0026655    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)rejd12015-07-29I stuck in a rock
   002664412 ItemsnonenewSpanishJohn2015-07-29Items hovering.
   0026653    Itemsnonenewamarkman2015-07-29Logs disappear after cutting down tree
   0026652 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)gsxboom2015-07-29Player stuck in police station
   002661821 Player stucknoneneed more info (JStewart)dfixrobert2015-07-29stuck inside a house in elektro
   0026651    EnvironmentnonenewGrizzlyWizard2015-07-28Stuck beneath a building in Cherno.
   002655113 Itemsnonenewrafaeldbr2015-07-28v.58.128820 or later exp.- Barrels has fixed position now ? Impossible to carry or move
   00266461   InventorynonenewScrewYouThatsWhy2015-07-28Double barrel shotgun doesnt fit in tent
   0026649    Game crashnonenewitsdietz2015-07-28After small update, starting the game a battle eye window pops ups, minimizes, and the game will not launch.
   0026648    Itemsnonenewjoma1262015-07-28Hacksaw will not cut down shotgun anymore?
   0026647    InventorynonenewBass_Wub2015-07-28Ghillie top disappears when in V3S.
   00266341   Charactersnoneresolved (JStewart)EviLWarRiOR7182015-07-28I'm stuck, it's been hours there and im losing my food
   00266431   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)DIRTYSANTCHZ2015-07-28Stuck under a house.
   00266421   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)masterspy20152015-07-28Im stuck in a rock after spawning into server!
   00266331   Player stucknoneresolved (JStewart)No Xp Waste2015-07-28After moving my player from being stuck I am stuck again. - FIXED NO HELP NEEDED
   00263653   Game crashnoneneed more info (JStewart)Ulric2015-07-28Game throws BE errors, then crashes with Application Error on launch.
   00265155   Error messagenoneresolved (JStewart)jimimac1112015-07-28No entry- C:\Users\James\Documents\DayZ\DayZ.cfg.3D_Performance
   00266451   StructuresnonenewDarcion2015-07-28running thru new barrack is stuttering
   00266411   Error messagenonenewMerd902015-07-28Unknown Game Version/Session Lost
   0026640    InventorynonenewGanzeGurke2015-07-28Chest holster
   0026639    ItemsnonenewBaranock2015-07-280.58 exp 7 - items in new barracks spawn under the floor
   0016133    Feature requestnonenewCraZyDaiZy2015-07-28[Suggestion] - Oil Filter - Suppressor
   002642610   Itemsnoneassigned (Geez)Balflears2015-07-270.58 - Canteen and Water bottle "Pour Missing"
   0026638    Itemsnonenewjoma1262015-07-27Balaclava in head form
   00266352   CharactersnonenewGekker2015-07-27Sprinting downstairs at a police station killed me
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