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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00175651   Weaponsnonenew2014-10-01AK 101 spawns without stock and barrel.
   00175641   Soundnonenew2014-10-01gunshots not audible after login
   0017333651 Itemsnonenew2014-10-01Gorka clothes no longer keep you warm
   0017563    Feature requestnonenew2014-10-01Steel Wool For Starting Fires And More (Make That 9 Volt Battery More Useful)
   001738222 Itemsnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-10-01holstered hacksaw wrong position
   00101443   Feature requestnonenew2014-10-01Molotov Cocktail
   0017130262 Environmentnonenew2014-10-01Hypothermia unmanageable due to unrealistic temperature management?
   00175441   Itemsnonenew2014-10-01Using handcuffs breaks legs
   000516953   Structuresnonenew2014-10-01Instant Death Glitch (Inside Buildings on 2nd or higher level)
   00174872   Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2014-10-01In-Game FOV slider is being constantly abused
   000157154   Weaponsnoneacknowledged (JStewart)2014-10-01Increasing FOV reduces effectiveness of weapon scope's zooming capabilities
  0000077876 Structuresmajorassigned (dhall)2014-10-01Zeds clipping through objects [PRIMARY REPORT]
   001275513   AI behaviornoneassigned (Andy)2014-10-01Invisible Zombies
   00155035   AI behaviornonenew2014-10-01Broken Zombie Hitbox (Weapon goes through Zeds)
   00167576   Environmentnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-10-01Standing above water behaves as if in water
   0017013533 Generalnoneassigned (Andy)2014-10-01[PRIMARY REPORT] 0.49 Performance and graphics issues
   00175532   Inventorynonenew2014-10-01Arparmentsbuildings loot spawns too low
   00175581   Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2014-10-01large group hack killed, terrain hacked, etc
   00164023   Servernonenew2014-10-01Aussie Experimental Servers!!!!!! :o(
   0017561    Game freezesnonenew2014-10-01Itensive stuttering.
   0017560    Servernonenew2014-10-01Character was wiped clean
   00173895   Environmentnoneassigned (JStewart)2014-10-01Only Vilayer hosted servers handling temperature effects properly since 0.49 server stability update
   00175292   Environmentnonenew2014-10-01players unable to step over dead zombies in doorways
   0017559    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2014-10-01stuck underwater
   00175033   Othernoneassigned (Andy)2014-10-01Game Will N ot Start Since New Patch
   0017556    AI behaviornonenew2014-10-01Invisible Zombies on US 75 man server
   001617781 Game crashnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-10-01Game Crash - BEX error
   0017551    Multiplayernonenew2014-09-30Cheater made my weapon drop on ground sevral times then he teleported around the area really fast. (.49)
   0017549    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2014-09-30I am stuck under a house
   0017548    Structuresnonenew2014-09-30Walls are not "walling"
   0017547    Itemsnonenew2014-09-30Walkie Talkie doesn't work
   0016737156 Game freezesnoneassigned (Andy)2014-09-30Upon Opening Any Interface (TAB or ESC Keys) the game freezes
   00175412   Weaponsnonenew2014-09-30Weapons Not Spawning With Magazines/Clips as Noted.
   0017545    Servernonenew2014-09-30Persistent Server stuck in boot loop.
   00175381   Feature requestnonenew2014-09-30Door lock
   00156303   Performancenonenew2014-09-30Lag Spikes
   00175402   Servernonenew2014-09-30[Misconfigured Server] Spawn with 3rd person character on 1st person server
   00174781   Servernoneassigned (JStewart)2014-09-30Confirmation of changes: Session Lost
   001744561 Itemsnonenew2014-09-30Improvised Leather Backpack + Mountain Backpack = invisible & endless bagspace.
   001699121 Structuresnoneacknowledged (Andy)2014-09-30[PRIMARY REPORT] Police cars/Heli crashes clip through ground
   00171836   Servernonereviewed (JStewart)2014-09-30Random Server restarts
   00173943   Servernonereviewed (JStewart)2014-09-30Servers freeze
   001751121 Game crashnoneneed more info (Andy)2014-09-30Game starts to load from Steam them crashes
   0017539    Itemsnonenew2014-09-30trucks and cars don't have loot since 0.49
   001665622 Game crashnoneneed more info (Andy)2014-09-30Game Crashes at first loading screen
   00085891502 Multiplayernonenew2014-09-30Wallhacker, Teleporter or just : Cheater! ( STOP this kiddies ! )
   0017536 1 Game crashnonenew2014-09-30Crash after run
   0017535    Charactersnonenew2014-09-30character reset everytime i change server
   0017534    Servernonenew2014-09-30being kicked from a server kills me
   0017533    Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2014-09-30shot by invisible man, all limbs broke, did not bleed
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