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   00210481   Itemsnonenew2015-02-01Carried items disappear when another item is used
   0021047    Feature requestnonenew2015-02-01swamps are only ankle-deep - make them deeper!
   00210321   Charactersnonenew2015-02-01Char unable to load
   0021046    Feature requestnonenew2015-02-01checkered wool dress can't be torn to rags
   00209702   Soundnoneneed more info (Andy)2015-02-01no sound
   0021045    Othernonenew2015-02-01DayZ causes Chrome to crash
   00210151   Charactersnonenew2015-02-01Character never runs out of breath while running.
   00210371   Game settingsnonenew2015-02-01Battleye failed to install
   0020973    Feature requestnonenew2015-02-01craftable bolts for the crossbow
   0018868141 Movementnoneneed more info (Andy)2015-02-01Lose control of character. keeps moving won't stop moving seems to be worst with AI or other player character.
   0021044    Charactersnonenew2015-02-01[Tweak] % Chance to Stop Bleeding at Any Time > 0
   002104312 Charactersnonenew2015-01-31Back "distortion / curvature" - Bug still exists
   00208233   Multiplayernonenew2015-01-31Head shots and Leg shots
   0021042    Game freezesnonenew2015-01-31BattleEye issue
   0021033    Feature requestnonenew2015-01-31Vicinity giving position of hidden items.
   0021041    Feature requestnonenew2015-01-31'Special' Inventory Slot Appears if Trousers Removed
   00151479   Feature requestnonenew2015-01-31[SUGGESTION] zombies have realistic loot
   00008927   Environmentnonenew2015-01-31Player footsteps should make more noise
   0021038 3 Ingame UInonenew2015-01-31Graphic Artefacts in Inventory (Ghillie)
   0021040    Environmentnonenew2015-01-31Invisible Zombies
   0021039    Environmentnonenew2015-01-31Breaking Legs
   001031537   AI behaviornoneacknowledged (Andy)2015-01-31zombies run too fast
   0021036    Animationsnonenew2015-01-31Hitting F5 clapping, you can not move have to re-log.Just verified my files seems to be OK now ?
   00122404   Othernonenew2015-01-31Both my characters legs are broken in the middle of no where
   001515214   Feature requestnonenew2015-01-31[Suggestion] Bowel Movement and Urination
   000022526   Movementnonenew2015-01-31Jumping is very unresponsive
   00192244   Othernonenew2015-01-31Suggestion of removing footprints for now because current state does not serve a purpose
   00210351   Generalnonenew2015-01-31Very strong shaking arms
   00210341   Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2015-01-31i m stucked in ocean ...
   00210212   Inventorynonenew2015-01-31Stone knife will not craft
   0021012    Charactersnonenew2015-01-31Player Stuck on Please Wait After Respawning
   00210271   Inventorynonenew2015-01-31Drinking water from jerrycan
   00118313   Weaponsnonenew2015-01-31Long Range Scope does not tilt when leaning
   0021031    Weaponsnonenew2015-01-31While leaning weapon sights/scopes should stay horizontal for aiming
   0021030    Itemsnonenew2015-01-31Gorka helmet disappears if painted black.
   0021005    Glitch abusenonenew2015-01-31clipping through roof-wall in Industry building / warehouse (TypeC)
   0021029    Soundnonenew2015-01-31sound when dead
   0021028    Soundnonenew2015-01-31[0.53 exp.]Footsteps of any entity cannot be heard
   0021026    Inventorynonenew2015-01-31Cannot drag items from vicinity to hands
   0021025    Controlsnonenew2015-01-31[Exp. 0.53] Backspace does not dismiss 'Gas Lamp' scroll menu after equipping lamp.
   002079493 Game crashnonereviewed (JStewart)2015-01-31When im trying to open dayz it wont show up, but i can see dayz.exe on taskbar.
   00210072   Soundnonenew2015-01-31sound of footsteps (especially while sprinting) is "lagging" behind -> paranoia
   0021024 1 Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2015-01-31Hacker/Scripter
   0021023 1 Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2015-01-31Player stuck on rooftop
   00210061   Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2015-01-31loot placed directly on top of a ladder can be aquired by standing directly at the bottom of it
   0021022    Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)2015-01-31Force detected Battleye cheaters to spawn inside prison cells and remove the ability to open those doors
   00209625   Error messagenoneneed more info (Andy)2015-01-31My user just banned
   00204842   Feature requestnonenew2015-01-31Add an option to whisper quietly, speak normally or yell loudly
   0021016 1 Glitch abusenoneassigned (Andy)2015-01-31Hacker report
   0021020    Itemsnonenew2015-01-310.53 Experimental - Fireplace disappears in above ground floors in construction building
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